Garden Coloring Book

Coloring fun from one of our favorite suppliers – Botanical Interests, producers of high quality seeds.

Botanical Interests believes that gardening is both science and art, resulting in unlimited, colorful possibilities. They have created these books based on their beautiful packet art. Stop next time you see one of their displays. Their packets a works of art on their own.

Now you can relax and have fun coloring your own!

They ask that you share your final images on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #sowcreative and would love to see where your imagination takes you.

A Creative Tip

To give your artwork a stained glass effect, use a cotton ball and apply a small dab of oil (baby or vegetable) to the backside. This can make your regular piece of paper translucent.

Botanical Interests Coloring Books OnlineAvailable Books:Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4, Volume 5, Volume 6Kids Coloring BookSign up to get them all at: Botanical Interests Coloring Books

Volume 1
Kid’s Coloring Book