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Pam’s Collection of Clippings

I love collecting little tidbits to share as I find them.

Warm vs Cold Watering

Did you know that watering many plants (especially indoor plants) with lukewarm water, not hot, is very beneficial to their growth? Some recent studies have shown that cold water can actually reduce plant and root growth on indoor plants which can cause plant decline. Watering with lukewarm to very warm water, actually stimulates root growth and results in a healthier plant. As always, just make sure you don’t over water your plants!

rose propagation potato
Roses From Cuttings

Did you know you can grow roses from a cutting?

Simply cut healthy stems, place them in large potatoes, and bury them 3-4 inches deep in a healthy soil mixture of peat moss and top soil.

The potatoes keep the stems moist and help develop the root systems. It’s a perfectly simple way to multiply your rose garden without spending lots of money.

Clay Pot Care

<strong>•</strong> scrub clay pots every few weeks to keep them porous and to allow air to get at the roots

<strong>•</strong> soak clay pots in water for a few days before potting plants in them – the moisture held in the pots helps the plants to get started

<strong>•</strong> don’t let pots stand in water – even a small amount – roots at the bottom of the pot will decay and kill the plant/flowers

Gardening Benefits

Did you know that an hour of gardening may help to reduces stress, increase bone density, and burn upwards of 300 calories? Gardening can be a great workout!

But, as with any physical activity, you need to use proper form when bending and squatting, raking, and lifting so you don’t overdo it or get injured.

To learn some exercise tips for gardeners go to APR.HopeHealth.com

weed virtue
Keep Deer Away

Mix together a big bottle of blue cheap mouthwash, 3 cups of Epsom salts, and 3 – 12 oz. cans of stale cheap beer until the salt is dissolved. Spray around your area to keep the deer away. Let us know how this works for you!

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Pam’s Shopping List

Multiple trips back to the greenhouses for items forgotten, can be a drain of your time and delay most gardeners favorite aspect of gardening – being in the garden. We found a simple answer for you – Pam’s Greenhouse Shopping List. Pam’s list has suggestions you might miss when planning a trip to our greenhouses and a few you maybe didn’t know your need.

Growing Seed Sprouts

seed starter

Count on sprouts to give you a bounty of healthful, fresh food all year long right from your kitchen counter! Available at Viking Village Foods.

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