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When To Start Your Cucumbers

Sow directly outdoors 1-2 weeks after average last frost and when soil temperature is at least 60°F, best temperature 70°-90°F. If beginning indoors, sow 2-4 weeks before average last frost – not sooner. Cucumbers are sensitive to root disturbances. Sowing in Botanical Interests’ 3″ or 4″ biodegradable pots is ideal so that it can be directly planted in the ground, and transplanting while seedlings are small is recommended when starting indoors.

Cucumbers grow straighter and are easier to see when harvesting when grown on a trellis, and can be grown more closely (12″ vs. 4′), saving space.

Cucumbers are heat sensitive. Mid 90s temperatures or more for several days can prevent fruit set. Think about providing afternoon shade by using a shade cloth or taller crops if heat is a issue or try a heat-tolerant type such as, the Armenian Burpless and Poinsett 76.

Botanical Interests Cucumber Varieties

Cucumbers for Pickles

Medium green, thicker skin, good raw and ideal for pickling, high yielding, compact 4′ vines, best harvest 1½-5″, maturity 55 days.

Space Saving

Dark green skin, compact, 2-3′ vines, best harvest by 8″, maturity 63 days.


Heirloom, rounded, pale-yellow fruits, non-bitter, fairly drought-tolerant, 3-6′ vines, best harvest 2-3½”, maturity 65 days.


Heirloom, dark green, burpless, non-bitter, thin-skinned, seedless if no other cucumbers are grown nearby, 8′ vines, best harvest 12-18″, maturity 60 days.

Armenian Burpless
Heirloom, burpless, light green skin, fairly seedless, non-bitter, more closely related to a melon but used and has flavor like a cucumber, 8″ vines, heat tolerant, best harvest at 12-18″ (can reach 36″), maturity: 65 days

Dark green, medium thickness skin keep shape, 4-6′ vines, best harvest 6-8″, maturity 60 days.

Persian Baby
Dark green thin skin, non-bitter, slender, seedless if no other cucumbers are grown nearby, early, high yields, 3-5′ vines, best harvest 4-6″, maturity 48 days.

Poinsett 76
Dark green skin does well in heat and humidity, 4-6′ vines, best harvest 7-8″, maturity 65 days.

Straight Eight
Dark green, smooth skin, straight fruit, 4-6′ vines, best harvest 8″, maturity 63 days.

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