Choose Your Spuds

A plain baked potato is a healthy choice, especially when you include its fiber-rich skin. But, due to its nutrient profile and composition, is different from other vegetables (for example, it has more starch than leafy greens), it shouldn’t be the only vegetable in your diet.

The kind of potatoes that may be healthiest are those with darker colored flesh. The pigments in these potatoes provide flavonoids and carotenoids that promote good health.

Dark Red Norland Round Red-Early Maturity Medium size plants Tubers round with smooth skin and shallow eyes. Good yielding ability. Moderate scab resistance. Suitable for boiling.
Red Lasoda Round red-mid season maturity. Medium and spreading plants. Tubers oval to round with smooth skin and medium eyes. High yielding ability. Scab susceptible. Suitable for boiling.
Superior Round white – Medium maturity – Medium size plants. Tubers round with slightly netted skin. Excellent table appeal. Scab resistant – Susceptible to early and late blight. Suitable for chips, baking, and boiling.
MegaChip Pentagonal white tubers. Medium late maturity – ts. Large and spreading plan Medium Scab resistant good yield and bulk rate. Excellent storage capacity. Suitable for chips, French fries, and boiling.
Russet Norkotah Long russet – medium early maturity. Medium size plants. Tuber are long and smooth with attractive russet skin. Good baking and boiling qualities. Medium yielding ability. Susceptible to early dying of plant. Suitable to baking and boiling.
Goldrush Russet Oblong Russet – Medium maturity – Medium size plants. Tubers are smooth with attractive russet skin. Very good baking and boiling qualities – Medium yielding ability. Resistant to scab. Suitable for french fries, baking, and boiling.
Russet Burbank Long Russet – Late maturity – Very large and spreading plants. Tubers are long with netted skin. Stress to plant can cause secondary growth and rough tubers. Excellent cooking and processing qualities. Somewhat scab resistant. Suitable for French fries and baking.
Yukon Gold Yellow Flesh Potato – Mid-season maturity – Large and spreading plants. Emergence can be slow and erratic. Tubers are round with pink eyes and flesh is light yellow. Excellent cooking qualities. Susceptible to scab. Suitable for French fries, baking, and boiled
Red Pontiac Round Red Large and spreading with angled stems. Suitable for baking and boiling.

How & When To Plant Potatoes

Cut potatoes into 11/2”-2” pieces, each with one or two good eyes (buds). Allow cut surfaces to heal (dry), usually about a week. Plant the pieces eye up about 4” deep and 12” apart in rows 2-3 ft. apart. Ten to tweleve pounds will plant a 100 ft. row.

  • Early varieties mature in 90-110 days
  • Mid-season varieties mature in 100-120 days
  • Late varieties mature in 110-140 days
Norland red early-mid
Superior white early-mid
Norkotah white mid-early
Red Lasoda red mid-late
Yukon Gold yellow mid
Gold Rush white mid
Mega Chip white mid-late
Burbank white late
Superior white mid-early

Best Soil Ingredients

  • 5 40 lb. bags Mushroom Compost
  • 4 lbs. Hi-Yield Bone Meal
  • 4 lbs. Fertilome Gardener’s Special
  • 20 lbs. Gypsum or lime
  • 1 lb. Weed and Grass Stopper

Till first four amendments into your soil (100 sq. ft. area) To prevent grassy weeds sprinkle on the Weed and Grass Stopper and mix into the top l”-3” of soil before planting.

source: Prince Corporation