Gardenias, Begonias, & Fuchsias

Every plant has it’s own unique set of needs to be healthy and vibrant.


  • grow best in east windows
  • need acid soil, warmth, sunshine and moist air
  • keep moist – but do not let it get waterlogged
  • should be sprayed every day

Gardenia Tree Magic – Pam’s Tip

I have a Gardenia Tree – I’ve always had a hard time getting it to flower. I might get a few buds but never very many.

One day…I was reading one of my grandma’s garden books. In the book, it said that when you boil a vegetable like asparagus…when done…remove the asparagus then set the water aside to let it cool. Once cooled completely, I watered my the tree. Within one week, I started to count the flower buds, and I quit counting at 60 buds! It’s amazing and completely natural.


  • grow well in porous soil – made up of loam, leaf mulch, cow manure, bonemeal and charcoal
  • soil around a begonia should support the plant, but not be pressed down as firmly as other plants
  • good drainage is necessary
  • protect from full sun
  • do not expose them to sudden temperature changes for good growth


  • hanging baskets need shade
  • they must be watered every day
  • roots must be kept moist or leaves will drop
  • top should also be sprayed with water
  • a pinch of soot on the soil will cause the fuchsia to produce flowers of deeper color
  • can’t stand sudden temperature drops – it causes buds to fall off